Children’s Choir

The Children’s choir program at Crossroads Baptist Church strives to enrich children’s lives in three core areas.

Spiritual Formation and Growth

  • Children will grow in their knowledge of scripture, and the great stories of the Bible, as they experience the love of God through music.
  • Children will develop the ability to participate actively and intelligently in worship and to find satisfaction in worship experiences.
  • Children will have the opportunity to model “the body of Christ” as they combine and share their musical talents and abilities in the form of a choir.

Musical Skills

  • Children will learn the following musical skills as appropriate to each child’s age and developmental stage:
  • Good singing habits and vocal technique
  • Body movement to a steady beat
  • Read, play and create rhythm patterns
  • Understand musical terms
  • Play musical instruments such as wood blocks, sticks, drums, and xylophones.
  • Move expressively and respond creatively to music
  • Understand the role of music in the context of worship

Personal Growth

  • Children will improve social skills as they interact with other children and adults in the choir setting.
  • Children will learn to use their talents and skills in ways that help others.
  • Children will expand their creative ability and grow in their faith using God’s gift of music and singing!