Through the years, a gradual shift in thinking has become a potentially devastating movement that threatens the very hope of our existence as a prosperous and free nation.

A sense of entitlement, self determination, and immediate personal gratification has slowly eroded and replaced the mindset of hard work, dedication, cooperation, and self sacrifice.  More and more people are crying out for free: free college, free health care, and a free monthly welfare check.  A sense of dignity, self-respect, joy, peace, and contentment is fast fading in the lives of more and more people.

But who is going to pay for all the giveaways people are clamoring for? The prevailing mindset is that someone else needs to pick up the tab.

Tragically, the same secular mindset is creeping into Christendom. As Christians are infected by the culture, they too are becoming more self-centered, demanding, and self-determined in their thinking.

People want the church to be around for for weddings, funerals, benevolence, counseling, visits, and prayers in time of serious life issues, but they don’t want to make the personal commitment of becoming a member. 

But church membership is important.  Christianity is not a Lone Ranger religion. God created us with a need of community, fellowship, love, acceptance, identity, and cooperation within a family. There are at least five good reasons why I as a Christian became a church member. Allow me to share them with you.

Church membership is a part of MY testimony. 

Membership is a way of raising the flag of faith in my life and identifying myself as a believer before my family, my friends, and the world. 

When I join a church and commit to faithful attendance and support to the church I am telling God and everyone around me that I love Jesus Christ who loved me enough to die for me as a part of the Body of Christ, the church.


In a culture lacking commitment, my church membership is a powerful counter-cultural statement. Our culture is a consumer mentality culture where everything is tailored to meet and satisfy personal preferences. Joining a church in this kind of cultural environment makes a strong counter-cultural statement. Church membership says that I am committed to this group of people and they are committed to me, and I am here to give more than to get. 


We all know what happens to any government, marriage, company, organization, or individual in which there is no accountability. Accountability makes me a better and more productive person. When I joined my church, I was saying that I both needed and wanted to be held accountable in my life.  I need to be encouraged, reproved and rebuked when necessary, and I want to be continually exhorted to strive to be a better person. 


One of the reasons I became a church member was so that I could have someone to watch over me as a shepherd watches over his flock. 

Hebrews 13:17 tells us the job of a pastor is to watch for your souls because they must give account to God for you.  Good pastors take seriously their responsibility to watch over and care for the sheep God has placed in their pasture. 

But if I don’t join God’s flock, I am not one of the shepherd’s sheep and cannot expect his tender watch-care over me. In a world of wolves, it find it comforting to know I have a shepherd who is watching out for me.


A self-centered world is a lonely and miserable existence.  In the very words of our Lord, It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Church membership affords me the opportunity to find joy, meaning, and purpose in life as I promise to pray, give, serve, and faithfully attend church while at the same time seek unity, purity, and peace within the Body of Christ, the church.

When I get my eyes off myself and focused on others, I find myself a more joyful, happy, and contented person.

How can I become a member of Crossroads?

The first step in becoming a member of Crossroads is by letting us know that you desire to become a member.  One of the ways that you can do that is by telling us of your desire to join the church by using the Guest Information card in the bulletin.  Another way to show your interest in joining is to either talk to, text, or email the pastor sharing with him your desire to join.  Yet a third was of indicating your desire to join the church is by coming forward during the invitation at the end of one of our services and share with the pastor that you are interested in becoming a member.  

Upon making it known that you would like to join the church, we will discuss a time for you to attend a New Member's class.

An individual only becomes a member of Crossroads after completing the New Member's class and showing their agreement with our church's beliefs and practices as explained in the class.  

If you have any questions about membership, please call or text Pastor Riffee (316) 734-5221 or email him at pastor@cbcks.church and he will try to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.  

If you have an interest in becoming a member or, if you have an interest in just attending a new member's class to find out more about Crossroads please fill in the following form and we will contact you with further information.  


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